Our Coton Forever Homes

Over the years, I have received numerous e-mails and phone calls letting me know how their new addition is doing (sometimes not so new addition). I always love to hear updates and answer whatever questions they have (sometimes I don’t have the answer). I have enclosed a few of the many e-mails I have received and hopefully will be adding more.

Thought you’d like to know your baby is doing so well. She is eating her lunch right now and seems very happy already. She slept beautifully in her crate last night in my bedroom, only woke once at 4am to potty. She cried for a 1/2 hour when I put her back but then slept until 7:30am. What a good baby!! I adore her. She is so calm and composed. What a little charmer!

“Thought you would like to know how Josie spends her day…..laying on my desk. We love her so much!! Thanks again, she is a wonderful puppy.

“Bentley is doing so amazing. The other dogs took to him right away. He is eating well and sleeping mostly through the night! Thanks so much.”

“Hi Anita,
Just wanted to let you know, everything is going really well. Once we got home, he was really happy and playing like crazy. He seems to like his set up here with his crate/bed etc. I put him in the little carrier at night on the bed and he goes right to sleep. He wakes up to go potty once, half way through the night, then back in and to sleep without a peep. He likes to sleep on the floor by the sofa during the day, so I let him do that while I’m here to see when he wakes up. I’ve also set up the ex pen so when it’s closed, he can still sleep there.
I named him Iglou, which is french for Igloo and am calling him Iggy. Thank you so much, he is so sweet.
I will update you later. I hope you have or had a good drive back to FL.
Thanks again,

As we celebrate Sophie’s second birthday today, just wanted to send you an update to let you know she is doing well. We thank you for this precious addition to our family, we could have not have had a better fit! She is the perfect personality for our family! She visits the groomer every two weeks, travels frequently with us, goes riding on our boat in the Gulf of Mexico, has participated in many local Christmas parades and has become quite a celebrity.
Thanks again for helping us pick the perfect dog!

All our best,
The Weavers”

“Hello Anita,
Just e-mailing to give you the latest news and update you about Lucy. She is doing good. Lucy is getting use to this cold weather and I’m working on it to but I’m happy spring is around the corner so i can take her on walks. She is extremely playful and super loving even with strangers, fun, adorable, greedy(she doesn’t like to share her toys) and stubborn at times haha but really obedient. I’m training her to sit, lay and to give me her paw and not to beg for food…she has a really strong personality and she is super smart, I love it. Her Vet says she is really healthy and eating perfect.Lucy is teething already and will be getting spayed in May. I love her with all my heart. Thank you.

“Update on Cooper
We brought him home last night and the boys are head over hills in love with him. We are so so so happy. He is doing awesome with the boys and with crate training and pottying outside. He is just perfect:( thank you so much for such a great pup:)